MV withdrawable & fixed panels(up to 36KV)



This is a medium voltage, metal-clad switchboard suitable for indoor applications. It is a modular apparatus made of aligned standard units. Metal sheets segregate each compartment and the energized components are air insulated. The installation requires very simple civil works. The switchboard can be wall-mounted. The power cables branch connectors are accessible from the front. This type of switchboard can be equipped with both SF6 and vacuum withdrawable circuit breakers. The circuit breakers are fitted with a truck for the racking in and out with closed door. The light and compact structure of both types guarantees sturdiness and high mechanical reliability. The stored energy, free-release mechanical operating mechanism allows opening and closing without the operator’s intervention. The operating mechanism and the poles are fixed to the metal structure, which acts also as a support for the kinematics automation of the moving contacts.

  • Metal-clad air-insulated switchboard
  • Designed for medium voltage distribution
  • Factory-tested for indoor installations
  • Arc-proof switchboards
  • Earthed metallic partitions between compartments
  • Mechanical safety interlocks
  • Compartments made of pre-galvanized sheets
  • Front access for installation, maintenance and routine operations
  • Complete set of apparatus: gas and vacuum circuit breakers, contactors and switch disconnectors
  • Conventional instrument transformers
  • Wide range of functional units for any installation requirement
  • Easy-to-assemble modular structure.