LV withdrawable & fixed panels up to 7400A

LV withdrawable & fixed panels (up to 7400A):


The low-voltage switchboard is a type-tested switchgear and control gear combination that is used for infrastructural supply in industry and in buildings (administrative and functional buildings as well as industrial and commercial buildings), but also in the process industry.

This type is tailored to the needs of the global market, i.e. it considers the demand for standard solutions from a single source but at the same time for local production. It can be used for all applications up to 7400 A:

  • As main switchboard (power control center or main distribution board)
  • As motor control center (MCC)
  • As sub-distribution board

With the many combinations that modular design allows, a wide range of demands can be met both in fixed-mounted, plug-in and in withdrawable-unit design. All modules used are type-tested (TTA), i.e. they comply with the following standards:

  • IEC 60439-1
  • DIN EN 60439-1, VDE 0660 Part 500
  • and in addition
  • IEC 61641, VDE 0660 Part 500, supplement sheet 2 (arcing faults)
  • Certification to DIN EN 9001 and DIN EN 14001 (quality/environmental management system)
      • Safety assurance and quality assurance for every switchboard through sample testing
      • Switchgear for reliable operation
      • World-wide presence thanks to local manufacture
      • Highly flexible but attractively priced solutions
      • Type-tested standard modules (TTA)
      • Busbar system either top or rear of cubicle
      • Busbar system 3-pole and 4-pole up to 7400 A
      • Short-circuit strength (rated impulse withstand capacity) up to 375 kA
      • Large mounting depth for universal installation
      • Modular design of the device compartments
      • Flexible combination possibilities
      • Cable/bar connection from above or below

      For plug-in design and withdraw able unit design

      • Easy and safe handling
      • Fast retrofitting without working interruption
      • High availability.

      Power distribution systems for high energy requirements are usually built up from a number of interconnected subdistribution boards and loads. This presents special requirements in terms of long-term operational safety and personal safety. The functions of "infeed", "coupling" and "outgoing feeder" must remain available reliably over long periods. Maintenance and testing should only cause brief downtimes.Circuit-breaker design meets these requirements with the suitable circuit breakers.

      Motor Control Centre in Withdrawal Design

      Power distribution at the levels of power center, main distribution board or sub-distribution board

      The supply, feeder and coupling cubicles of the circuit-breaker are equipped with automated type circuit-breakers in withdraw able or fixed-mounted execution.

      Due to the large number of consumers (loads) connected, a particular importance is given to ensuring a long-term operation in conditions of performance, reliability and safety for the operating personnel.

      User-Friendly with (air circuit breakers)

      fixed-mounted and withdraw able circuit breakers are used for the rated current range from 630 to 6300 A. This means:

      • High short-time current-carrying capacity
      • Short-circuit protection with shorttime grading control (ZSS)
      • LCD operating current indication in the control console
      • Indication and operation when the door is closed

      The low voltage switchboard in withdrawable design represents an extremely accesible standard solution for motor control centers (MCC).
      This design offers a high degree of flexibility, safety in operation and availability as well as continuous power supply in the industrial processes.Outgoing cable feeder up to 630A

      • High degree of safety by virtue of type-tested standard modules
      • Outgoing feeders up to 250 kW
      • Non-fused and fused protection
      • Test and disconnected position
      • Standard operator interface for all withdrawable-units
      • Isolating gaps on the supply and feeder -sides
      • Space-saving sizes of withdrawable-units from 100mm minimum module height
      • Cable connection compartment at front or rear
      • Easy adaptation to changing operating conditions without shutdown of switch board

      withdrawable-units offer operating and handling safety

      • Standardized design in eight modular-unit heights (100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700 mm)
      • Clearly visible withdrawable-unit positions (connected, test and disconnected position)
      • Integrated maloperation protection in all     withdrawable-units
      • Control plugs up to 40-pole and additional bus contacts
      • Hinged front panel of withdrawable-units for adjustments
      • Lockable disconnected position for safe working at the consumer

      Automatic central reactive power compensation (PFC)

      The switchboards for the automatic central reactive power compensation decreases the overload of the transformers and cables, reduces the power losses and the energy costs. Based on the load structure, they can be equipped with capacitor modules with or without smoothing chokes.

      Controller module with electronic power factor controller for flush door mounting:

      • Multi function display,
      • Self-adaptation of the value C/K,
      • Adjustable nominal cos Φ from 0.8 inductive to 0.98 capacitive,
      • Manual or automatic operation.

      Customized cubicle solution

      Various installation components are available for customized solutions, e.g. for open and closed-loop control tasks.

      • 3- and 4-pole vertical distribution busbars
      • Cubicle-length doors or compartment doors
      • Compartmentalization
      • Various installation components